12 in 12

I think I’m going to play a little game others are calling 12 in 12 – Doing twelve things in twelve months, instead of one or two “resolutions” for the entire year. I’ve long heard that it takes doing something 22 or so times to make that something a habit. So, this will be a chance to see if I want to pick up a few good habits this year, or try something, hate it and ditch it after a month. I can do anything for a month, right? Here’s the ideas I’m considering. In no particular order… yet.

1) Keep kitchen clean.

2) Exercise 30 minutes

3) Meditate

4) Yoga

5) Keep my room clean and make my bed

6) Call a friend to chat

7) Go to a meeting

8) Journal

9) Organize something of mine (car, files, garage, etc)

10) 10th Step

11) Read

12) Write a letter for Alyssa to read when she gets older

13) Take vitamins

14) Drink 8 8 oz glasses of water

15) Do the writing/thinking exercises in 40 Days 40 Nights book.

I have to pull the trigger on one of these TODAY, and I’ll pick the order of the others in the next couple of days. The idea for me is to START, and then STICK TO IT for 30 DAYS at a time. Why I share these things publicly eludes me. Accountability? Nah. Misery loves company? Perhaps. Because I feel better when I express myself? More likely. I risk egg on my face, which I’ve had plenty of before, but maybe sharing for real will help me reconnect more deeply with my friends. I do miss that. (Hence numbers 6 and 7).

I’d love to have folks join me! Meet me here and we can chat about our experiences. https://plus.google.com/i/pwAzQTx02vo:hNGUy8MxdBo

Happy New Year!



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