Everyone can use a little personal inventory-taking now and again…

This is from Emmet Fox’s book, ‘The Sermon on the Mount’.  This book was actually influential on the development ofAA’s 12 Steps.  It’s a fantastic book that I’m re-reading again. I thought I’d share a part that resonated with me today. It reads: If you want material prosperity, you must first think prosperity thoughts, and […]

I’m LOVING this new ‘problem’!

When I went to the doctor to discuss my depression, she asked me the typical screening questions to see just how depressed I was. One of the one’s she asked was if I “never feel like there’s enough time in the day to get things done”. I chuckled at that and said “no”, because at […]

Looking Ahead to My February Challenge

If it’s worth pledging and starting, it’s worth sticking with for the time of the commitment. It holds its original intrinsic value, but the value of completing what I said I’d do is equally important. I feel really proud for sticking to my commitment of at least 30 minutes of exercise for the month of […]

My Secret Demon

I’m breaking my silence about my demon so that I can hopefully loosen its grip on my life. I have depression. There, I said it. Gulp! (Long pause, while I consider if this is a good idea or not…) My head is spinning with so much stuff that I just want to pretend we’re sitting […]